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360° Mapping Security Page
Record every angle and see in every direction. With immersive video maps, firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders can assess situations and evaluate solutions before they arrive on scene. Our 360° video maps can help make critical, informed and immediate decisions necessary to protect the public in the event of natural disasters, civil unrest or other man-made threats. Security planners can virtually walk, drive or fly through potential emergency situations and plan accordingly.

With data-integration capabilities, important information may be merged with your maps letting you select layers of data based on your requirements, giving you a more targeted and precise understanding of a location. Federal, state, and local agencies can equip response teams with superior visual intelligence and improve emergency response. Transportation authorities can capture routes and identify potential danger zones.

Training scenarios can be developed by using spherical video to create an immersive, photorealistic environment. Exercises can be recorded and situations presented from every angle, studying in detail the roles played and the actions taken by all of those involved. Multiple viewing options are available for playback and group presentation. A first responder can be immersed into a potential emergency and, based on the scenario, run through a series of visual exercises designed to simulate stress inoculation and increase situational awareness. The information can be used to facilitate coordinated efforts across multiple agencies. Training in a photorealistic environment enables first responders to run through exercises and make decisions, then understand and analyze the consequences of their actions. Their refined instincts will enable them to consistently make the right decision in complex situations.

Immersive video provides cost effective ways to train response teams, manage high-risk assets, and ensure the safety of citizens in any scenario. With our unique camera systems, every feature in every direction is recorded simultaneously, and can be integrated with a blueprint, floor plan or map to create the most complete visual intelligence available.

Common Security applications for 360 Video Map

bullet Train response personnel on possible choke points, high risk areas including hazardous material zones and evacuation routes.
bullet Evaluate potential areas of cover and sniper locations.
bullet Create realistic scenarios to train your team without putting them in harm’s way.
bullet Integrate immersive video footage with floor plans and data sets to create superior spatial awareness.
bullet Equip emergency response vehicles with on-demand footage.
bullet Streamline crisis management.
bullet Gather visual forensic evidence.

Immersive video technology is widely used by The Department of Homeland Security, NASA, the US Military and state/local governments across the country and abroad. For more information about how 360° Mapping can help with your immersive security needs, please contact us