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Marketing with 360 Video Maps
The use of immersive video captures the attention of viewers like never before. Virtual tours are nothing new to the resort market, but the utilization of immersive video instead of still imagery to create a innovative and engaging marketing campaign is a new and exciting concept. Immersive video maps provide an invaluable amount of visual understanding, along with detailed information of each individual property, helping facilitate potential guests in choosing their desired destination.

Entertainment, production, marketing and advertising agencies now have a new tool in their arsenal with 360° interactive video maps. Global brands such as Red Bull, Adidas, Mercedes-Benz and Armani Jeans have tapped Immersive video to attract their consumers and promote their brands. Others have created cutting-edge entertainment and documentaries. The next logical step is integrating spherical video into maps for a visual reference to location. The end result is an experience unlike any other online medium.

bullet Give the destination traveler an opportunity to visit a property from the comfort of their own home.
bullet Showcase a virtual ski-in and ski-out tour of ski resort properties.
bullet Highlight resort facilities from the street level, or from the beach front, giving them a true sense of the luxurious surroundings.
bullet Integrate maps, floor plans or drawings and give the guest complete control of the speed, direction and view of the given locale.
bullet Display multi listing search results of guests’ criteria accompanied by corresponding 360° spherical video. Streamline the booking and reservation process for guests and corporate clients.

As recreation based tourism and travel markets grow, the demand for more information about these destinations will continue to grow as well. It is widely known among marketing agencies that the use of video and rich media has a huge impact on how consumers choose their destination. Statistics show that “look-to-book” ratios increase with the use of these mediums. There is no other industry better set to take advantage of remote familiarization than travel and tourism.

Our 360° spherical video goes above and beyond any other marketing concept by immersing viewers into an environment, in turn increasing their comfort level. Not only will it present an exciting and reassuring way for the consumer to plan their travels, but it will also provide your establishment the opportunity to showcase its main attractions. After this first-hand virtual experience, the consumer will feel more comfortable in making their decision; and as everyone knows, when consumers are comfortable, they spend more money.
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