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Spherical 360° Video is an excellent tool for surveyors, architects, engineers, planners, developers, and GIS professionals. Our ability to simultaneously capture footage in every direction allows us to easily and efficiently document all aspects of any jobsite or area of interest. We can operate from the air, on the ground, from any type of vehicle, and in remote or urban locations.
Immersive video is geo-referenced and can be synchronized with a drawing, map, or aerial image to produce an invaluable tool for every type of project. Your design team can reference the video at any time from the office or in the field, dramatically reducing site visits and ensuring accuracy every time. We can place you in the middle of the project, with control over your field of view, so that you can assess conditions, make decisions, and plan your project from the comfort of your own office.

Immersive video is easily embedded into ESRI™ ArcMap so it can be accessed at specific locations, drastically improving data-sharing, analysis, organization, and communication while reducing project costs and timelines. For organization-wide distribution, the georeferenced immersive video can be displayed in the IM GIS Viewer.

Once the footage is captured, it is archived and available at any time for future reference. Stock footage of your area of interest may already exist, if not we will work with you to create a customized immersive video that suits your planning and design needs.
360 video mapping can be used by ...
bullet Surveyors Enhance your services and improve client satisfaction by offering more than just drawings and maps. Immersive video places your clients in the middle of the project and provides complete site awareness that is unachievable with still photos. Immersive video is particularly useful for ALTA/ACSM title surveys, aerial topographic surveys, aerial control surveys, wetlands/environmental mapping, boundaries, and pipeline surveys.
bullet Developers Document your project from concept to completion. Use immersive video to record evidence of pre-construction conditions. Plan and design your project with confidence, knowing that you have total awareness of the conditions at the site without ever leaving the office. Monitor progress at various stages of construction, and document the completed development.
bullet Architects Engineers, and Planners - We can help you streamline the design process, reduce costs, and shorten timelines. With immersive video you can visit any location and examine features or objects from every angle without leaving the office. Eliminate the need for site visits while maintaining the highest level of spatial awareness, thereby preventing design flaws, ensuring accuracy, and increasing productivity.
bullet GIS Every frame of our immersive video is time stamped and tagged with GPS coordinates, allowing us to project the location or route of the camera on a map or aerial image. With the GIS application, or using ESRI™ ArcMap, we can integrate the video with GIS data such as property boundaries, existing/proposed utilities, proposed treatment areas, or any other data to suit the client’s needs.
bullet Utilities Get a complete picture of the topography and vegetation of an area to keep track of your assets, plan a conduit or right-of-way, and better manage environmental impacts. Video Mapping delivers the complete package, performing custom collection and integrating georeferenced data and immersive video with your existing map, blueprint or aerial imagery so you can inspect hundreds of miles without ever leaving your desk.
bullet Oil/Pipeline By capturing an entire site with immersive video, you can plan the execution of a project, make decisions, and analyze progress – all without leaving the office. Integrate immersive video with georeferenced data, providing complete information for planners, engineers, environmental consultants and others throughout the life of the project.
bullet Transportation We can help railroads and transportation departments at all levels of government to plan and design improvements, identify obstructions, settle property rights disputes, verify right-of-way, monitor traffic, and assess pine beetle damage.