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Wildlands Management

From monitoring river flows, documenting forest ecosystems, analyzing human-forest interaction and most importantly creating strong strategies for wildland fire management, immersive video is the most efficient and cost-effective means to manage projects of this scope. With immersive video, you can get a complete picture of the topography and vegetation of the land, helping you to better manage pine beetle mitigation, environmental impact studies, logging, reforestation, and any other operation that helps keep our wildlands healthy and safe.

• Document and monitor large scale operations with aerial 360° video.
• Assess risk and evaluate damage from high winds, winter storms, , and the mountain pine beetle.
• Drive or fly over hundreds of miles of roadways to easily identify potential danger zones, wash-outs, and obstructions.

Environmental Remediation

Contamination from many years of heavy industrial operations is nationwide. Immersive video is the most effective way of documenting all stages of reclamation, from initial assessment, identifying treatment areas, monitoring conditions, to project completion. Overlay project maps with detailed information and metadata. View geo-referenced immersive videos side by side with our GIS Viewer, giving your project spatially correct documentation. Streamline your assessment, planning, and design processes with our mapping services. For more information, see the Mapping Page.

Clean Energy and Eco-Friendly Enterprise

We strongly endorse clean energy enterprises and environmentally friendly organizations. We want to support companies that are making strides in creating a more ecologically conscious business climate. Publicizing such ventures can give the public and investors a clear picture of the positive impacts of your project. How is your eco-friendly company getting its message across to consumers and investors in this new green era? Let 360 Video Mappingassist you in marketing your environmentally conscious philosophy.