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                彩神 (Luzhou) Industrial Park held a groundbreaking ceremony at Luzhou, Sichuan province on Apr. 16, 2020, which remarks the 6th manufacturing base of 彩神 Group formally laying out in the southwest of China. 彩神 Group makes solid steps in developing twin cities (Chengdu-Chongqing) economics, following national belt and road initiative, building Changjiang economic belt, and developing inner land areas.

                彩神 (Luzhou) Industrial Park landing 50000 acres, investing twenty billion yuan ($2.8b USD) in total, using advanced technologies and top equipment to build the industrial park. Integrating high-end polyester raw material, yarn, new material, and textile with the biggest capacity in the manufacturing center of PET new material and textile in southwest China.

                As planned, the first phase will put into production by the end of this October. Estimated annual turnover of 20-30 billion yuan, tax revenue of 2 billion yuan, resolving employment of 15 thousand people.